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Fighting Winter Allergies In Your Home

For many, the term “allergy season” exclusively refers to early spring, as hordes of pollen float through the air and congregate on the ground. However, pollen and other allergens don’t magically disappear in the winter months, nor do the sneezes they tend to aggravate. In fact, winter might be the worst season for allergies in

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Get To Know Your HVAC System: Air Ducts

We’re usually so focused on the temperature of our homes that we forget how many components really make up our HVAC systems. Adjusting your thermostat is just the beginning of the heating and cooling process, and your air ducts play a major role in delivering air to your home. Direct Service Company knows just how important

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5 Benefits of Seasonal AC Maintenance

Your AC system is in high demand during the summer months. Facing sweltering Texas temperatures, your air conditioner needs to be in good working order. Keep your AC unit running efficiently by scheduling a seasonal air conditioner tune-up. Routine maintenance can help you avoid unnecessary and costly repairs. Breathe easier knowing your AC tune-up is

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